No, not at all, you can self-refer at any time.

Please see my fees and sessions page.

Yes I offer a free initial 30 minute session, during this time we can discuss areas that you would like to cover.

Each session is for 50 minutes.

Please see my late/cancellation policy on the fees and sessions page.

Please see my late/cancellation policy on the fees and sessions page.

Yes. Depending on my availability, we can schedule your next appointment at the end of each session or book a block of sessions at the same time and day every week.

Counselling is very specific to each person, and we can discuss this in our free initial assessment.  Some people find that a short term counselling of six sessions is enough for them.  Others may find they need more and can arrange long term open ended sessions.

Counsellors support and affirm their clients own choices and help them to arrive at decisions which suit the client.  Suggestions can be made but never imposed on the client, it is the client who has come for therapy not the counsellor.

As a counsellor I work in a proactive way to identify core issues and to understand things from your perspective.  I will gently encourage you to explore any limiting beliefs and ideas.

Absolutely. Our meetings are in the strictest confidence in my therapy room on the side of my house with a separate entrance, there will be no interruptions.

Yes of course. I get asked this a lot. As long as he behaves, you are welcome to have him come into your session. Dogs can be a very therapeutic whilst discussing any painful feelings you may have.

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